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What Was Traded on the Silk Roads?
Due Date: 11/5/2013
Subject: AP World History

Students should complete a map using the link:

Reading Quiz: Chapter 6
Due Date: 9/1/2013
Subject: AP World History

Complete ALL parts of the reading quiz by Friday, Sept. 6th.

The Need for Water
Due Date: 8/30/2012
Subject: AP World History

Access the assignment under "Forms." Be sure you have read ALL of the related material and be able to answer (on paper and verbally) "Questions to Consider."

AP World History Summer Assignment
Due Date: 6/2/2012
Subject: AP World History

Go to forms within my page to access the assignments, parent letter, and a syllabus. See you in August.

Projects: Unit 4
Due Date: 1/13/2012
Subject: American Government

American Government – Unit 4: The Executive Branch

Georgia Performance Standards: SSCG #4, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 20: “…The President of the United States…President’s Roles… Qualifications for President… Impeachment Process…The President’s Cabinet… Federal Bureaucracy…”

 Project Choice Board – Directions: The activities below will require you to use various research sources, including the computer, in answering factual questions; otherwise you are encouraged to be creative, be colorful and artistic as you learn about the roles, responsibilities and functions of the President of the United States and the Executive Branch. Pick any three of the activities below, #11 is mandatory for all for the fourth activity. Please see teacher for rubrics for your chosen projects. First due date: Jan 19/20; 2nd: Jan 26/27; 3rd: Feb 2/3; 4th: Feb 14/15. All Projects are due on the specified date and WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED LATE. All products must be typed.

#1 – The President’s 8 Powers/GPS: SSCG-12

Write a two page essay explaining which power of the President you feel is the most important and why.


#2 – The President’s Cabinet – “Mobile” / GPS: SSCG-15

Using a coat hanger, yarn and 4x6 cards, describe each of the various Cabinet Departments, their Secretaries, year of creation, their functions and other pertinent data in creating a “mobile.” You must include a picture for each card.

#3 – President’s Job Application /GPS: SSCG-13

Create a “standard employment application” for the job of President. Include both the constitutional requirements and your informal requirements for the job of President of the United States.

#4 – The Oval Office Diorama/GPS: SSCG-13

Research the oval office of a President of your choosing. Using a shoe box, create a diorama of the oval office. Label important features and make sure you include the President!

#5 – The Republican and Democratic Parties / GPS: SSCG-8

Research the history of one of the parties and their current party platform. Design a bumper sticker, T-shirt, and poster encouraging voters to join the party. Your products must include information about the party and highlight at least one issue.

#6 – Daily Schedule of the President /GPS: SSCG-12                                                          Pretending you are the President’s Appointments Secretary; create an hourly journal log for one-two days depicting the President’s activities/visitors (describing each) and categorizing each with one of the 8 roles/functions a President fulfills daily.

#7 – Current Events Chart /     GPS: SSCG-20

Collect five current events that show the President’s involvement in various world events and conflicts. For each, complete a 5 W’s graphic organizer.


#8 – Presidential Elections / GPS: SSCG-8

Create a poster/chart depicting the Presidential elections of 1992-1996-2000-2004 & 2008 showing the various candidates, the popular vote & electoral votes for each and a map of the United States showing each of the 50 state vote totals

#9 - Presidential Election Issues / GPS: SSCG-8 & 20

Pick eight of the major issues discussed in American politics today. Find out the Republican and Democratic party position on each one and create a chart organizing this information.

#10 –Presidential Dolls/Puppets GPS: SSCG-12

Create 8 dolls or puppets that illustrate each of the president’s 8 roles. Write a paragraph for each doll/puppet explaining what role the doll or puppet represents.


#11 –Presidential Poster/PowerPoint GPS: SSCG-12

You will research a president that is assigned to you and present the information in the form of a poster or power point. On the day the project is due, you will tell about your president to the class in a 2-3 minute presentation.

#12 –Foreign Policies of Presidents’ GPS: SSCG-20

You will study the Presidents’ foreign policies. Define and or give the importance of each event, definition, or person related to the President’s Foreign Policy. Include the date(s) and colorful pictures


Colonial Recruitment Poster
Due Date: 1/18/2011
Subject: AP United States History
Collect Colonial Recruitment Posters at beginning of class

Who's Who in Colonial America
Due Date: 1/16/2011
Subject: AP United States History
All parts of Who's Who that can be completed should be ready. We will go over these in class.