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Summer Assignment 2018
Due Date: 8/8/2018
Subject: AP Spanish Language

AP Spanish Language and Culture 2018-2019 (10 hours required)

June , Wed 4-5pm Meet in the Legacy Room at Bright Star United Methodist Church (3715 Bright Star Road, in the gym)to discuss options for summer assignments: all students are encouraged to attend.  Students must choose one of the following options for summer work:

Option A: keep a daily journal through the summer. Incluye tu nombre, el día, la fecha y las actividades de cada día (6-8 frases por día)

Option B: Make a Prezi to present to class the first week of school. Choose an artist or writer (incluye las fechas, la familia, los eventos de la vida, los mentores, las influencias, el tipo de talento, etc.)

Option C: Choose a historical figure for a 'dramatic' introduction to the class the first week of school; present to class in costume, character, of time era.  Include all of the above info (Option B)

Option D: Attend at least five (5) meetings during the summer at the Legacy Room, where we will speak SPANISH ONLY at every meeting: las peliculas en español, los juguetes y juegos en español, los planes en español, etc. Each student will lead the discussion once during the summer. The student will bring a news item, current event, or fun topic for the group to discuss. Bringing a friend is encouraged. PLUS five (5) journal entries (en español) a brief summary of the meetings attended.


Horario de las reunions:

1st meeting: 30 de mayo

2nd meeting 13 de junio

3rd meeting 20 de junio

4th meeting 27 de junio

5th meeting 5 de julio

6th meeting 18 de julio

7th meeting 25 de julio

8th meeting 1 de agosto

AP Spanish Food Project
Due Date: 11/10/2017
Subject: AP Spanish Language

Students will celebrate the culture of Latin America through food and a study of traaditions.


Food must be an authentic Latin American dish.

Student will share the recipe and preparations of the dish (in Spanish) with the class.

Each student should prepare enough for the entire class to TASTE the dish (i.e.  mini portions, sppon-size portions, etc)

ALL students must participate by bringing food if they want to participate by eating food.

NO CHIPS AND SALSA unless the salsa is homemade. 

Paper plates will be supplied.  If you need bowls, forks, etc, bring them with your project.