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Mrs.  Katrina  Lynn  Henderson-Brewster
SCIENCE- A.P. Environmental Science Instructor/Environmental Science Instructor
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Due Date: 11/9/2017
Subject: Environmental Science

wind activity
Due Date: 11/3/2017
Subject: Environmental Science

Go to the following link and answer the questions


1. Analyzing Data Which do you think affects wind movement more, latitude or longitude?

2. Finding Locations If you live in South America at the equator, in which direction does the wind blow?

3. Making a Hypothesis In which direction do the Westerlies blow? Why do you think they are called the Westerlies?

4. Making a Hypothesis If you were sailing to North America from Europe, near which line of latitude would you sail? Why?

5. Making Conclusions Find the general location of your community on the map. If a storm were approaching you, which direction would it be coming from?