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Articles of Confederation
American Government
Crash Course

 This is an excellent resource that can be used to reinforce the specific elements of American Government that we have discussed in class.

Congressional Demographics
Compare Senate and the HOR

Use website to compare the Senate to the House of Representatives.

Demographics of Congress

Identify the demographics of the 115th U.S. Congress.

Congressional Committees
Senate and House Committees

Partners will choose a Congressional Committee to present to the class.  Each group will present their committee to the class.  Students may use   to find all the information required. The following items will be required for each presentation:

Name of the Committee

Include the official website for the committee in your presentation.

Is this a House of Representative committee or a Senate Committee or both?

Include how many members are on the committee along with their political affiliation.

List the Chairman and Ranking Member (with visual) of the committee(s).

What are the responsibilities of the committee(s)?  Provide visuals.

List the subcommittees.

Pick @ least THREE interesting bills that are the committees are working on at the time of the presentation.

AP Government: Voter Fraud Article
Why Voter ID Laws Aren't Really About Fraud

Read the Article about Voter ID Lwas and complete the Article Analysis Sheet.

Voter ID Laws are Good for Democracy

How Voter ID Laws Discriminate

Political Identification Website
2018 Political Quiz

Judicial Activism or Restraint Article
Judiciam Activism or Restraint Article

Read the article and complete the wrting prompt assigned.