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Preparing for the School Year

Q: What will I need for this Class?

A: Pencils, black/dark blue ink pens, a three-ring binder, a journal notebook, and scientific calculator


Q: Where is your classroom?

A: I am located in the Freshman Academy, upstairs, in room G212 (across from the bathrooms)


Q: Why do I need this class?

A: It is important to understand how life works scientifically.  For example, many people begin this course hating certain topics, such as the theory of evolution.  Over time, they learn that evolution is not what they first thought and gain a new appreciation for it.  They learn that evolution does not violate their beliefs but, in fact, support their beliefs.  Understanding biology gives you a complete different look at how living things function in the world so that you will not be tricked or swayed in the real world by sheisty businesses and ridiculous conspiracy theories.


Q: How should I prepare for this class?

A: Read the material before the school year starts.  If the school year has already started, find out what will be taught, and study it before it is taught.


Q: How do you prefer to communicate with your students and parents?

A: Email


Scheduling for a Meeting or Tutoring


Q: When are you available for tutoring and consultation?

 A: From 7:15am to 8:15am every weekday


Q: Where will we meet?

A: Either in my classroom or the library conference room.


Q: Why is it best to schedule a meeting versus a walk-in?

A: This ensures that I set aside time exclusively for you and nothing else.


Q: How should I schedule a meeting?

A: Contact me at (770) 651 - 6338 or email to discuss when and why you would like to meet.  If I do not answer, you are strongly encouraged to leave a message with this information.


General Classroom Information

Q: What will a normal week look like?

A: Monday is lecture; Tuesday is practice; Wednesday is lab; Thursday is practice and quiz; Friday is exploring Monday's new material.


Q: When are your tests?

A: At the end of each unit, which is usually around the end of each month


Q: Where will labs be performed?

A: Either at lab stations or outside.  Outside labs will be pre-announced


Q: How will your grading be done?

A: Almost every student calls me picky and/or high-strung when it comes to grading.  You will know exactly what I am looking for when something is being graded because you will have a rubric that I expect to be followed.  Because of this, I do have a no-nonsense approach to grading.  Please understand that your success in the future matters to me first and foremost, not your current happiness.  To ensure good scores, I encourage you to bring your work to me FIRST, allow me to look at it, and tell you what to fix before officially turning it in.


Q: Do you accept late work?

A:  No, but you will get one day for makeup work if your absence is excused.


Q: What advice would most students give about your class?

A: Great question.  Here are the top five:

  1. "Do not fall behind!"
  2. "Keep your cell phone put away."
  3. "Do not miss lecture days."
  4. "He loves questions, so ask as many as you have."
  5. "Last-minute studying for his class will not work."