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AP Spanish Language and Culture 2018-2019 (10 hours required)


May 30, Wed 4-5pm Meet in the Legacy Room at Bright Star United Methodist Church (3715 Bright Star Road, in the gym)to discuss options for summer assignments: all students are encouraged to attend.  Students must choose one of the following options for summer work:


Option A: keep a daily journal through the summer. Incluye tu nombre, el día, la fecha y las actividades de cada día (6-8 frases por día)


Option B: Make a Prezi to present to class the first week of school. Choose an artist or writer (incluye las fechas, la familia, los eventos de la vida, los mentores, las influencias, el tipo de talento, etc.)


Option C: Choose a historical figure for a 'dramatic' introduction to the class the first week of school; present to class in costume, character, of time era.  Include all of the above info (Option B)


Option D: Attend at least five (5) meetings during the summer at the Legacy Room, where we will speak SPANISH ONLY at every meeting: las peliculas en español, los juguetes y juegos en español, los planes en español, etc. Each student will lead the discussion once during the summer. The student will bring a news item, current event, or fun topic for the group to discuss. Bringing a friend is encouraged. PLUS five (5) journal entries (en español) a brief summary of the meetings attended.




Horario de las reunions:


1st meeting: 30 de mayo


2nd meeting 13 de junio


3rd meeting 20 de junio


4th meeting 27 de junio


5th meeting 5 de julio


6th meeting 18 de julio


7th meeting 25 de julio


8th meeting 1 de agosto

These dates may change! Be at the meetings to get updates!



NOW we are in the last two weeks of school---except for the seniors: this is their last week!

Senior exams will take place this week and underclassmen will take exams next week:

Tuesday May 15        5th and 7th pd (seniors)

Wednesday May 16   6th and 8th

Thursday May 17      1st and 3rd (dismiss at noon)

Friday May 18          2nd and 4th (dismiss at noon)



Monday, May 21  NO EXAMS full day

Tuesday, May 22 full day=6th and 8th exams

Wednesday, May full day=1st and 3rd exams

Thursday, May 24 half day= 2nd and 4th exams

Friday May 25 half day=5th and 7th exams

SCHOOL'S OUT for the summer!


We are now in the last four weeks of school!  EOC testing has begun and exams are quickly approcahing.

Spanish classes will be taking a verb test May 7-11.

Senior exams will begin the week of May 14.

All other exams will be given the week of May 21 (the last week of school)

The last day of school is Friday, MAy 25.

Graduation is Saturday, May 26 @ 1:30pm at the University of West Georgia.

CINCO DE MAYO CELEBRATION on Friday, May 4, from 4-6pm in the new gym.  $1 admission.  Concessions for sale, games, dance contest, pinatas, music, raffle, gift cards and prizes! Come join us!

el proyecto de espanol avanzado: Organizacion sin fines de lucro (por 9/10 de abril)

el proyecto de espanol IV: el discurso por presidente (por 9/10 de abril)

el proyecto de espanol III: el librito de ninos, conquistadores (por 9/10 de abril)


We begin teaching at HSES soon! Don't forget your permission letter. Look on the FORMS page if you need to download a copy.


NO HALF DAYS IN FEBRUARY AND MARCH ************************************************************************************

Happy 2018...even though the month of January is almost gone!

See below for: Spanish Field Trip, upcoming tests, quizzes and projects; AP Exam; International Skills Diploma Seal; Biliteracy Seal and National Spanish Honor Society news:

Spanish Field Trip:  Open to Spanish III, IV, AP students

     Baile Folklorico, Thursday,  March 8 (even day) 8:30-2pm

     Blue Agave for lunch

     Cost $40 (includes show, lunch, transportation)

     Limited seats, bring money in pronto!


Because of the snow days, we have pushed back some of our quizzez and assignments:

January 25/26:    ALL VOCAB QUIZZES (SpnIV p105; SpnIII p196)

January 29-Feb 2:   SpnIII CDA (speaking)


February 1/2: Map and capital quiz

February 7/8: SpnIII TU Aff/Neg Commands TEST

February 7/8: SpnIV PRONOUNS TEST (pronoun box)


AP Spanish: Don Juan Test January 26/30

AP Spanish: Ensayo Persuasive Feb 16

AP Spanish: Proyecto de Organizacion sin fines de lucro Mar 1


National Spanish Honor Society will be selling orange CRUSHin on you and strawberry FANTAstic friends for Valentine's day!  $1 per canned drink to send to your sweetheart or friends!  Watch for us in the cafeteria!

ALL NSHS members must have their global community service hours by April 1, 2018.


International Club has resumed teaching the After School Program at Holly Springs Elementary School!  We plan on Tuesday afternoons 3:45-4:15 in Mrs. Munday's room.  We teach on Wednesday afternoons 4:00-5:15.  Come join us and earn some global hours.


Any senior who is planning to get the International Skills Diploma Seal, please be sure to check in with Mrs. Munday by February 1, 2018.

Any native Spanish speaker, or Spanish student, who IS NOT IN A SPANISH CLASS but would like to take the Spanish Language and Culture AP Exam,please see Mrs. Munday before February 14 to be sure an exam is ordered for you.  If you score a 4 or 5 and keep a B or above in all English classes, you will receive the Biliteracy Seal.


Questions? email me!




Feliz Navidad!

Congratulationns to Mrs. Atkinson's class who won the contest to save the most tea bags!  We will serve them a CHristmas Tea PArty TUesday, Deccember 12, in thanks for their efforts.  We appreciate everyone who participated and turned in tea bags for us to send to Cape Town,  South Africa. We collected almost 1000 tea bags!  THank you NAtional SPanish HOnor Society students, and Ally Carpenter for making this happen!


The Original Tea Bag Design Co. Project is now underway! All first period classes are invited to join the contest to see who can collect the most used tea bags!  We will send the tea bags to the women in Cape Town, South Africa to help them support their children with the art  they create using tea bags. The winning class will receive a Tea Party hosted by the National Spanish Honor Society!  "Original T-Bag Designs makes ‘Functional Art’ out of recycled tea bags. Used tea bags are dried, emptied, ironed then painted! Each artist has their own individual styles and patterns."

Glass Coasters – Traditional GGC50072



 To celebrate the end of Hispanic Heritage month and to gain insight to Day of the Day, Spanish classes will be sharing a FOOD DAY in NOVEMBER!

Students will celebrate the culture of Latin America through food and a study of traditions.


Food must be an authentic Latin American dish.

Student will share the recipe and preparations of the dish (in Spanish) with the class.

Each student should prepare enough for the entire class to TASTE the dish (i.e.  mini portions, spoon-size portions, etc)

ALL students must participate by bringing food, otherwise they will not participate by eating food.

NO CHIPS AND SALSA unless the salsa is homemade. 

Paper plates and napkins will be supplied.  If you need bowls, forks, etc, bring them with your project.

Image result for latin food dishes


SALSA DANCING after school!

October 12 and 16.  Go to Mrs. Munday's room (E224)

Image result for salsa dancing

PULSERA sales are going strong!

The International Club sold pulseras at September Saturdays and have been selling pulseras at lunch everday!

Buy one now from anyone in the International Club for only $6 and help families in Nicaragua and Guatemala!

Welcome to all our new members of the National Spanish Honor Society!  Our first meeting is Thursday, Oct 5 at 8am in Mrs. Munday's room (E224).


National Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15-October 15.  Check the calendar for the fun things happening at CHHS!


 AP Spanish Language and Culture Class

2017-2018 Summer Opportunities

AP Spanish will meet Thursday, June 8 at the Community Bean Coffee House (8341 Grady St Douglasville, Georgia, GA 30134) to discuss summer opportunities and next year's expectatons.  Please try to be there so you won't feel lost or left out next year.  We'll meet 2-4pm, share a latte and speak some espanol!



Senior FINALS:

5/16     5th & 7th

5/17     6th & 8th

5/18     1st & 3rd

5/19     2nd & 4th


Underclass FINALS:

5/22   Go to ALL Classes (Mon)

5/23    2nd & 4th

5/24    1st & 3rd

5/25    6th & 8th

5/26    5th & 7th

5/27         GRADUATION 6pm @ UWG


EOC Testing and AP Tests April 28-May 8 

Cinco de mayo celebration 5 of May! Outdoor in band practice field, 4-6pm.

Rain location: New Gym

March 8: Field Trip to Folkloric Ballet in Marietta, Strand Theater.  $40 per student; covers transportation, exhibition and lunch at Blue Agave in Douglasville upon return.  Students will leave at 9am and return at 2pm.

Holly Springs After School Program: we will resume teach Thursday, February 2. Join us and get the global hours you need for International Club and National Spanish/French Honor Society.





 HASTA 4 de enero (dia par) 


ASP at HSES last day is Dec 8--come join us for a Christmas celebration!

Diviertate en las vacaciones de Navidad!

FELIZ NAVIDAD-Vocab quizzes 13, 14!

Christmas Caroling Dec 15 & 16

Verb Tests for Spanish III (Dec 1) and Spanish IV (Dec 2)


Spanish IV Conquistador Project is due November  28, the MONDAY after Thanksgiving break.

AP Spanish Project: Comparacion ,due Nov 2--escoge dos temas para comparar y presentar en un forma de arte, poesia, pintura, cancion, poster, power point, prezi, etc.

Rock the Countries (Las Americas y capitales)


We're at the end of our Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration!

We sold almost $1200 of pulseras to help communities in Nicaragua and Guatemala this year!  Thanks to the dozen students who showed up on September Saturdays to help!

We had 15 students help at the Beulah Hispanic Festival!

We are still teaching with the After School Progra at Holly Springs Elementary School and will continue through December 8.  There are 7-15 students active in this program!

Thanks to those who have helped all month with each activity.  Be sure you have all global service hours recorded and approved.

The LAST days of the celebration will be our FOOD DAYS this week on Thursday and Friday, Oct 13-14.  Remember to bring the recipe (la receta) and be able to give a general description of how the food was prepared.  Bring enough so each student in your class may sample a small portion of the dish.  You will be graded on effort, not on how 'delicioso' the dish turns out.



We'll be selling bracelets through Hispanic Heritage Month to raise money for communities is Nicaragua!  Check it out:

September Saturdays (17 & 24) 11:00-5:00

In the school cafeteria at lunch!


We will be helping at the Beulah Elementary School Hispanic Heritage Festival

September 30, 6-8pm


We have begun teaching at Holly Springs Elementary School at their After School Program!  Every Thursday from Sept 8-Dec 8 we will teach Spanish and French to the elementary students from 3:50-5:15.


All of the above activities are great ways to get your GLOBAL COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS!



Are you wondering...

"How can I use my Spanish skills at school and in my community?"

There are lots of ways you can use your Spanish language training in the community!  Our International Club will be involved in the following activities this year!  Choose a couple to begin your life as a bilingual studnet:

1.  After School Program at Holly Springs Elmentary School (begins Sept 8)

2. Septembe Saturdays at the Douglas County Courthouse (Sept 17 & 24)  We are sellling bracelets (Pulseras) to raise money for children in Nicaragua)

3. Elementary School Hispanic Heritage Festival (Sept 30)

4. National Hispanic Heritage Month at CHHS (Sept 16-Oct 16)

5. Christmas Carols in December

6. Spanish IV Classes teach real Spanish classes at Holly Springs Elementary School (resumes January 2017)

7. Cinco de mayo celebration to finish the school year!