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Sue Protzman Staff Photo

Supply List 

Needed Materials for Mrs. Protzman's math classes     - either Algebra 1 or Geometry            

•1.         One 1.5- or 2-inch binder

•2.         notebook filler paper

•3.         set of divider tabs  (4 - labeled 'Admin', 'Notes', 'Tests/quizes', and 'EQs/Writing')

•4.         pencils with erasers, and a colored pen or pencil for grading 

•5.         A calculator is required for this class

•a.      Algebra 1 And Geometry: minimally a scientific calculator (TI30x); preferably a graphing calculator, see below.

•b.      Graphing calculator (TI-83, TI-84, TI-89 are excellent types).  This calculator will also be used by your student in college, so it is a good purchase for future as well as this class. 

Class Wish List

Tissues,  paper towels, pencils, eraser, notebook paper, index cards