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Reed Durbin Staff Photo

Supply List 

You will need the following items for any of my classes:

1) A 2" three ring binder. Larger is ok, but may be harder to manage.

3) Paper for notebook: college rule preferred.

4) YOU MUST GET A pack of colored pencils or crayons for maps and charts.

5) Black or blue pens and a supply of pencils. You will use ink on written work and your notes!


Mr. Durbin 

 For AP World: I strongly advise that you get the 2017 (or later) edition of World History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination. We will use this throughout the course as a review tool and a supplement to the text. The class will be more accessible if we can all get and use this book -- further, I hope to improve the passing rate on the exam on May 11th.