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Summer Reading List 

AP Spanish Language and Culture 2017-2018 (10 hours required)

June 8, Thursday 2-4pm Community Bean to discuss summer options for summer assignments: all students are encouraged to attend.  Students must choose one of the following options for summer work:

                      Option A: keep a daily journal through the summer. 6-8 frases por día

                      Option B: Make a Prezi to present to class the first week of school

                                     Choose an artist or writer; include dates, family, life events,

                                     mentors, influences, genre of talent

                      Option C: Choose a historical figure for a 'dramatic' introducetion to the

                                    class the first week of school; present to class in costume,

                                    character, of time era.  Include all of the above info (Option B)

                       Option D: Attend all 10 meetings during the summer schedule                                     

 June 8, Thursday 2-4pm      Community Bean to discuss summer  


June 22, Thursday 2-4pm     Community Bean: habla español, juegos familias

July 6, Thursday 2-4pm        Community Bean: las fiestas hispánicas, la lotería

July 20, Thursday 2-4pm      Community Bean: una película/novela

          (this date may change due to a tentative class date)) 

AugustThursday 3,  1-3pm   almuerzo en un restaurante méxicano

TOTAL:  10 hours summer work