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Class Information  

Marketing Management Pathway 

Marketing Principles

  • Marketing Principles is the foundational course for all pathways in Marketing Education. Marketing Principles addresses all the ways in which marketing satisfies consumer and business needs and wants for products and services. Students develop an understanding of the functions of marketing and how these functional areas affect all businesses. They learn basic marketing concepts and the role of marketing in our economy. Students also develop skills in applying economic concepts to marketing, distribution and logistics, marketing information management, finance in marketing, product/service planning, pricing mixes, promotional strategies, and personal selling. 

Marketing Entreprenuership

  • Marketing & Entrepreneurship: is an imperative component of a strong economy, is based on individuals who are creative thinkers and risk takers. Therefore, students in this entrepreneurship course focus on recognizing a business opportunity, starting a business based on the recognized opportunity, and operating and maintaining that business. This course begins by moving students from the typical “what is” educational focus to the “what can be” focus. Preparation of a business plan allows students to apply the functional areas of accounting, finance, marketing, and management to the planned business, as well as to the legal and economic environments in which a new venture operates. This course may be taken as a part of a student’s Marketing Pathway or may serve as a stand-alone course for students in other disciplines wishing to explore business ownership.

Marketing Management

  • Marketing Management is the third course in the Marketing and Management pathway. Students assume a managerial perspective by applying economic principles in marketing, analyzing operation’s needs, examining channel management and financial alternatives, managing marketing information, pricing products and services, developing product/service planning strategies, promoting products and services, purchasing, and professional sales. This course also includes global marketing where students analyze marketing strategies employed in the United States versus those employed in other countries.

Georgia Common Core Standards/Objectives and Georgia’s Performance Standards can be located at

**Each student is expected to keep an electronic notebook, which will be saved on the student drive, for warm-ups, notes and projects etc. This will require that students create a Schoology account in order to submit a majority of assignments/projects. 

Most grades are feedback students will receive through Schoology communication.  It is the student’s responsibility to keep all communication just in case there is a discrepancy in grading. 

Students will use Engrade for Common District Assessments.


Class Web Site Now Available  

All class daily agendas, calendars, assignments and due dates can be found at:

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