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Spanish Homework

Attendance at ANY/ALL school events can be extra credit!  Simply find me and speak to me in Spanish.  If you don't find me, write a short paragraph in Spanish about the event and turn it in the following day.

Look around whenever you're out to see ANY Spanish signs, restaurants, billboards or ads!

If you eat at a Mexican restaurant, order in Spanish! 

Talk to folks t the grocery store or post office in Spanish! 

Speak Spanish with your family and friends!

This is your homework for the whole year!


2016-2017 NOTE CHANGE January 2017

Every morning 7:45-8:15

Mon-Wed-Thursday afternoons 3:45-4:15

If I am on duty, please wait outside the class until I return at 4:10.

Duty Weeks:

August 29-Sept 2

Oct 24

Nov 28

Jan 9

Feb 6

Mar 6

April 10

May 8

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