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I will be using Remind this year.  This is a text messaging system that is used for the teacher to be able to send out texts to remind students of any information they may need.  Please sign up for the appropriate class and you will be on your way to receiving important information. 

Text 81010 and sign up for :

Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II  2017              @acc17-18  and reply with your name

College Readiness   2017                                    @cr17-18    and reply with your name

Parent Portal - Infinite Campus  

Access To Parent Portal  

There is a new Parent Portal Access Available for all parents, and you can gain that access through INTERNET access this year.  The directions are located in the 'Forms' section of my website! 

The New School Year  

As this school year begins I would like to encourage all parents to feel free and contact me.  My email address is  You can also reach me by calling the school and leaving a voice mail at 770-651-6354.

I also wanted to remind you that the school offers a service called Infinite Campus.  This will give you the ability to watch your childs grade on a daily basis.  All you have to do is go on line to our school website and fill out the form.  It is a wonderful service to any parent.

This past year the students were able to use a graphing calculator on the End of Course test.  I would recommend buying a TI84 Graphing Calculator.  They will use them throughout the rest of their high school career and in college.  We will also be using them in class a good bit. These calculators run around $120.00, but go on sale as low as $89 at the beginning of the school year. 

If this is a burden to buy this year then the Texas Instrument TI-30X IIB or S is also going to be used in class and should be purchased.  Each student should have their own calculator.  We will not be able to supply them.  They can be purchased at any office supply store, Walmart or Target for approximately $13.00.   It is very important that each child have the right equipment to become successful in their math career.