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QA & Final Exams  


1st-May 17th - Final Exam

2nd & 4th- May 14th - QA      May 18th-Final Exam

3rd-May 15th - QA     MAy 17th-Final Exam

5th-May 11th-QA      May 15th-Final Exam

6th-May May 14th-QA    May 16th-Final Exam



2nd & 4th- May 14th-QA  May 24-Final Exam

3rd-May 15th-QA  May 23-Final Exam

5th-May May 15th-QA  May 25-Final Exam

6th-May 14th-QA   May 22-Final Exam

Algebra 2 Make-up Assignments  

There are two make-up assignments posted under Algebra 2 Second Semester.  Each assignment is worth 5 missing daily grades.  

Algebra 2-Semester 1 Tests  

Tuesday- 6th period will take Unit 3B Test.


Thursday-Even classes will take the QA 2 Test.


Friday-Odd classes will take the QA 2 Test.


For the 2017-2018 school year, I will be using Remind. I will use Remind to send out reminders about homework, upcoming tests, or quizzes.  The information for Remind will be located in the file manager section.   If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.  Thanks!

Welcome 2017-2018  

Welcome Back!

I am looking forward to another exciting year in Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus!  I hope this year in math will prepare students for their future endeavors on their road to success!  If you have any questions throughout the year, email is my preferred method of contact.  I can also be reached between 2:06pm and 3:40pm in my room at 770-651-6272.  I look forward to meeting all of my new students and welcoming back my returning students!!! :)


Here are some websites from the county office that you may find useful:



 A+ Math
 Math League Math Help Topics (4th - 8th)
 Kid Zone - Math (K-5)  
 King's List of Online Math Activities 
 AAA Math (K-8)  
 MegaMaths (2nd-4th)        
 Math Stories    
 Education Place - Brain Teasers
 Fun School  
 Math is Fun
 School Express
 Kids' Domain - Summer Fun 
 The Math Forum
 AutoMaths - Online Math Activities    
 Math at Home (young children)  
 AIMS Puzzles and Activities
 Learning the Multiplication Facts   

 King's List of Online Math Activities