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Snow Day - 1/17, Thursday and Friday will be ODD day schedule  

Due to the previously missed Snow/Weather Days (both were on ODD day schedules), CHHS will follow ODD day schedules for both Thursday (1/18) and Friday (1/19) in order to 'catch up' the learning on those days.

Class Email communication....  

If you have not received any emails from me this year, then you need to send me your email address.  Simply send an email (to from the email to which you would receive your email notifications.  It is most helpful if you also include your childs name, and which class they are in Algebra (9th or 10th grades, and which class period they meet)

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Test Review Answer Keys - loaded under File Manager or on  
Announcement Image for Test Review Answer Keys - loaded under File Manager or on

Looking for Files?.... HW sheets, Class Notes, etc  

All Class pertinent files are located under "File Manager", there are subfolders for Algebra 1  (click here)   and Geometry (click here).

Homework Expectations  

   Study Time at Home : Homework vs Study.

Students: Students have very few actual practice problems for homework each night (10 on most nights), with the expectation that you spend time studying their notes, learning their vocabulary, re-doing problems completed in class, re-doing graded assessments returned to them, and reading/reviewing sample problems from their textbook. No homework should be thrown away or misplaced just because it was previously turned in. Those elements are critical for review and preparation for the summative tests. Review sheets do no include every problem type on a test, and waiting until the last night (or nights ahead of time) is too late to be confident on test day. You must study a small amount each night.

In class you will continue to have frequent assessments to ensure you are studying each night.

Parents - Understanding your childs math may seem very difficult; I do not expect you to assist them with doing their homework. There are resources available to you (and them) to make sure they are keeping on task. The calendar associated with this school website, has all homework listed (by the date assigned, it is due the next day in class unless otherwise mentioned). Most HW assignments are in their textbook; if it is as worksheet, it will be attached to the calendar on the assigned date. They are expected to SHOW WORK on each problem, or it will not be accepted. It is expected that it be turned on the DUE date (no late homework accepted unless they are sick on due date), and the assignment title (page numbers), date (either assigned or due), and their name neatly printed on top right of page. You may also want to check if students are studying their notes. I post notes for each lesson under File Manger, so if they can not find their notes in their own notebook, please make sure they look online (under File Manager). I also post problems we do in class (multiple choice and student practice - these we do with learning response units or white board practice each day). They could redo those problems for nightly practice as well. Thanks for your help in assisting your child be as successful as possible here in CHHS mathematics classes.

Teacher - Please know that I am available to you via email (best method), or phone (770-651-6262 during planning 2:00 - 4:00) unless tutoring or called to other professional duties. If you check the website and do not see what your child is supposed to be working on, or have questions about that homework, please communicate with me. I will respond within a day, even on weekend (if possible). I am also available for parent conferences during planning or after school when not tutoring, and welcome your visit to the classroom (school requires appointments be made days in advance).

Remind - information for signing up....  

If you do not receive texts or emails (via please sign up there as well.  I tend to send emails (from school email) for tests and general information, but they are not send out often.  For quick (and short) reminders, I send Remind101.  The great thing about Remind, is that I receive no information (about your phone number nor email address), and it is easy to send a quick text message or email.  You can also drop off of that list at any time.

For Algebra 1 Remind, 3rd period, click here                        

                                   4th period click here      

For Daily Geometry, 1st or 2nd period click here

                                5th or 6th period click here


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Tutoring Hours: Wednesdays, 3:30 - 4:30  

Tutoring will be held each Wednesday, beginning Aug 17th. Please check calendar each week to make sure its still being held  Students to NOT have to let me know they are coming... just show up. I look forward to seeing them. If there are ANY CHANGES in the schedule, I will first send a 'REMIND' message, so please make you are signed up to receive those message.

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Algebra 1 or Geometry  

Looking for files related to this class?... Please check File Manager

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Access To Parent Portal  

There is a new Parent Portal Access Available for all parents, and you can gain that access through INTERNET access this year.  The form is located on the 'Files' section of my website!  Email me if you have any problems getting the form.

Announcement Image for Access To Parent Portal