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NAHS service hour opportunities  

See Ms. Adams if you need service hours. You must have 7 hours prior to Fest and need a total of 15 hours for the year.

March is Youth Art Month  

Several CHHS art students will have work on display during the month of March. Artwork will hang at the Board of Education and the Douglas County Courthouse gallery.

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Higher Ground Art Show at Courthouse  

Several CHHS art students have art on display at the Douglas County Courthouse through the end of January. Their work is on display in the 3rd floor gallery.

CHHS Art website for 2017  

Visit to see more information about classes, projects, AP sources, etc...


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Art room Wish List...  

The art room could use the following items throughout the school year. Donations for the students are welcome and much appreciated!!

Kleenex, Paper towels, hand sanitizer, hand lotion (for ceramic students), Q-tips (shading tool), #2 wooden pencils, glass bottles (water, sparkling grape or apple juice - for decoupage bottle project) and old magazines.

NAHS Membership  

Second year art students may join NAHS after successfully completing Vis Arts I (Intro Art) with an A average. Ms. Adams will have membership forms and other details available by the third week of school. Membership forms and dues will be due by the end of September. 

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Sketchbooks - one of your greatest tools for SUCCESS!  

See Ms. Adams' "Form" tab for a copy of The Sketchbook guidelines discussed and posted in class. SKETCHBOOKS are critical for success in the class so please take this seriously. No cell phones will be used in class so you must have all reference images and ideas in your sketchbook as we approach new projects. YOU MUST BE PREPARED for class and your sketchbook will be your greatest tool for this. Thank you for your willingness to work hard and do your best!

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Ms. Adams uses REMIND...subscribe  

Ms. Adams uses REMIND...copy the number and class message code, then send the message via text to join your class group:

AP STUDIO = To:81010  Message: @apstudio33

DRAW/PAINT = To:81010  Message: @chhsdp24

CERAMICS = To: 81010  Message: @chhscer5

VA COMP I (1st pd) = To: 81010  Message: @chhsva1718

VA COMP I (6th pd) = To: 81010  Message: @chhsva6718

NAHS = To: 81010  Message: @chhsnahs1

Subscribe to your class via text or email...




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