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Lydia Blakey Staff Photo


Key Club International Convention  

Key Club International Convention was held in Anaheim, California June 28- July 6 2014. Mrs. Blakey (Key Club Sponsor)  and three Key Club Officers and member flew to California for 10 days to attend the Key Club International Convention. The students received an experience of a lifetime. The students received a two day pass to Disney and Californai Adventure plus a gift card. They also spent two nights in San Diego, California and toured the world famous San Diego Zoo. They also got a behind the scenes tour of Paramount Studios and toured The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles California. The Key Clubbers toured downtown Los Angeles and took pictures of the different stars in the cement. Fire and Ice is a fantastic restaurant in Anaheim that the Key Clubbers got to experience by standing around a huge grill and watching the chefs prepare a delicious meal after the Key Clubbers hand picked the raw meats and vegetables to be cooked.

Key Club Georgia Leadership Training Conference  

Key Club Members will be able to attend the Georgia Leadership Training Conference wihich will be held at the Mariott Century Center on March 1-3, 2013. Specific details will be coming soon.

Key Club Volunteer Hours Holly Spring Elementary  

Key Club members will be able to get volunteer hours at Holly Springs Elementary. See Ms. Blakey to pick up your Key Club Volunteer Hour Sheet and the schedule of events for the year.

Key Club Officer Installation County-wide Celebration  

 4 Key Club Officers will be treated to Sam & Roscoe's Dinner on Thursday September 20, 2012 at 7 p.m. Key Club Officers are free; however, parents can attend for $25.00 which includes tax and tip. Please dress professionally.

Key Club Monthly Meetings  

Key Club will meet once a month in the Career Center. Listen for the announcements for the specific date.

Early Childhood Education Supplies Due  

Each student needs the following supplies for the Early Childhood Education Pathway for the year.

One spiral notebook

One 3 ring binder notebook

Glue sticks

Colored markers and/or colored pencils/blue and black ink pens/ruler/

Small Safety Scissors

3 by 5 Notecards