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Chemistry Optional Project  

You have the option to complete ONE project to replace an existing test grade (must have taken the test to replace the grade). Each option allows you to demonstrate to me that you have mastered specific content matter so each option will replace a specific test grade. Note that there is only one optional project for each specific unit test. The grade on the project will replace the test grade no matter which is a higher grade! If you choose to do the project, make sure you use the rubric so you are aware of how it will be graded.


DUE DATE: Projects can be turned in before May 17, 2018


Each of these options have different requirements and rubrics specific to that project. All rubrics must be turned in with the project by the due date. You will not be required to present anything to the class but I do reserve the right to present/display it in my classroom.

 Unit 1: (Atomic Theory)

Research the history of the atom and write/illustrate a children’s book documenting the event. The book must be typed, have colorful illustrations, and be bound so that the pages turn easily. Please refer to the History of the Atom Children’s Book handout/rubric for more information.

Click HERE for handout/rubric

 Unit 2: (Finding Patterns in the Periodic Table)

Create your own “Periodic Table” which demonstrates how objects we use every day, topics we discuss, foods we eat, and more, contain characteristics which allow us to group them using different patterns. Each table must be made on a hard surface (foam board) that does not bend. Please refer to the Create Your Own Periodic Table handout/rubric.

Click HERE for handout/rubric

 Unit 3: (Naming & Bonding)

Create a video OR comic book that explains/demonstrates the 3 types of bonding we discussed this year: ionic, covalent, and acidic. You must include 5 real life examples of each and explain their uses in society. A typed script must be included with your rubric if you chose to do the video. There are 2 options for making a comic book, either drawn or an online animated version. Please refer to the Chemical Bonding Project handout/rubric.

Click HERE for handout/rubric

Animated Comic Websites:

 Unit 4: (Compound Analysis: Molar Math)

Create a poster that mathematically solves the answer to the question “How Big is a Mole?” You will have to research the conversion factors needed to solve the problem, complete the conversion required to answer the question, include a picture that restates the question, and the answer to the problem with the correct units. Along with the poster, you will make a mole using a pattern supplied to you by Mrs. Mathieson. You will be responsible for materials needed to make the mole. Please refer to the How big is a Mole handout/rubric. 

Click HERE  for handout/rubric

Click HERE for the Make a Mole pattern

 Unit 5: (Exploring Change: Chemical Reactions)

 Students will research chemical discoveries that represent the five types of chemical reactions online. These reactions and discoveries may be from any field of science: pharmacy, medicine, environmental science, geology, astronomy, biology, botany, physics, etc. You will need to identify the complete balanced chemical equation, who discovered/uses it, and what the reactions in used for in the field of science. You will present the information in the form of a newscast, where you are the news anchor. Props, drawings, and video links may be used to display the complete chemical equation information. A typed script must be turned in with the rubric. Please refer to the Chemical Reactions handout/rubric for more information.

Click HERE for handout/rubric

Interested in Biotechnology?  
Students are invited to visit GA Tech and learn about Biotechnology.  This event is free, and only requires your student to RSVP through the website below. Feel free to pass it to any high school colleagues or students you might know.  Please use this link to answer any questions you may have about the event!

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Good Test 1 Review  


The Build an Atom Phet is a wonderful way to learn about the atom. I would encourage you to use this to study for your test. Try playing the games for some fun review!

                                      Click HERE 


Announcement Image for Good Test 1 Review

Science Olympiad  

If you have any students interested in science Olympiad please speak to Mrs. Hendereson room E107


Science Olympiad is an Academic based team which allows students to explore the different areas of Science and Engineering and engages in meaningful friendly competitions that expands the content knowledge, builds teamwork skills , and explores the many occupational interest molding future innovators, Scientist, Chemist, Doctors, Engineers, and Game designers. 

Science Olympiad is a student motivated club which helps create critical thinkers and innovators of the future.  Students are allowed to control their outcomes and use their creative minds to engage in meaningful competitions.

Time Commitment:

Fall: Start Team/ attend workshops/ practice once a week

Winter: Time to get serious- go to invitational for practice/ practice 2 times a week and study at home

Spring: Go for the Gold- Competition Season- Students will go to regional competition and if win proceed to State.

Competition Events:




Science Fair Club!!!  

We are excited to announce that Chapel Hill High School will now offer a Science Fair Club to all students interested in competing in science fair. If you or your child are is interest and would like more information, please click HERE for this year's timeline.  You may also contact the club sponsor Ben Winslow in room E108 for more information.


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Student/Parent Contact Information  

I am in the process of setting up a classroom newsletter for parents that will be emailed out on a monthly basis. Please use the following link to give me your up to date contact information! 

Click HERE

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Parents & Students be sure to sign up for Mrs. Mathieson's REMIND101  

Honors Chemistry: Text

To:  81010

Message:  @honor-1718


Chemistry: Text

To:  81010

Message:  @chem-1718

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Check the calendar for daily activities!  

The CALENDAR contains all our daily work including any important announcements from the school. The notes, worksheets, and powerpoints will be attached to each day of the week on the calendar. If you are ever absent, please get all your makeup work from the calendar. IF I am unable to attach an electronic copy of that day's assignments - you may request a copy from me upon your arrival back to school.

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Please bring your calculator every day!!!  

In both Honors Chemistry and Chemistry, we will use a calculator a lot! Please be sure to purchase a scientific calculator at the beginning of the year and bring it with you to class everyday!

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