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Horario de los días finales  

Capítulo 5:

1. p242 vocabulario (11 de mayo)

2. los verbos (11 de mayo)

3. Actividades:

    p200-201ej 1, 2

    p202-203 ej 4, 6, 7

    p210 (escuchar)  6

    p212-213; ej 11, y la ampliación

    p220 (escuchar) 23

    p224 ej 28, 29

    p229 copia los adjetivos, 

    pronombres demonstrativos

    p230, ej 37

    p241 leer fondo cultural

    pp244-245  prep de examén

*pp144-147 Cap. 5 en Diario

     in Workbook (verde)  

Coming Soon  

Half Day February 8 (8th period and 6th period classes)

Winter Break February 20-22



Las Pulseras  

Check out this website for the Global Fund Raiser here at CHHS






Welcome to CHHS 2016-2017  


January 2017 We're into the second semester and our remaining weeks will go by quickly!  If you need to make up work or need tutoring, PLEASE stay after school and get started!  My tutoring hours:

Mon-Tue-Wed-Fri  3:40-4:30

NO TUTORING ON THURSDAYS: Students go to Holly Springs Elementary School to teach at the After School Program

Spanish IV classes will begin teaching at Holly Springs one morning each week Feb 1-Mar 31.  Be sure to get your permission/iiinfo letter signed and return it to me by January 30.


Half day Feb 8.

Winter break Feb 20-22



We are anticipating a great year in Spanish!  Please be sure to sign up for the Remind notices to get any news or reminders that are sent out to students and parents.

spanish III    text @mrslunes to (404) 865-3725 or to code 81010

Spanish IV     text @lunes4 to (404)865-3725 or to code 81010

AP Spanish    text @spanish2m to (404)865-3725 or to code 81010

Email me with any questions you have.



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EnGrade instaead of PArent Portal?  

Soon the entire county will be using the EnGrade System for our grades.  Be watchful for the change.  You will be given a new link when you check news here.

Señora Lunes  


Join  Señora Lunes on Facebook

I will be adding youtubes and fun information all the time!  You will find verbs, conversations, and all kinds of tips about speaking and learning.


I'm looking for your name on the 'joined' list :)


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