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Cynthia Heffernan Staff Photo
Ms.  Cynthia  Heffernan
Education Evaluator-SpEd
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Bachelor's Degree:

Florida Atlantic University 1980

Master's Degree:

Central Michigan University 2009


I have been in education since 1980 and I love my job! I have taught in the middle school setting as an Interrelated teacher before moving into my present position as Educational Evaluator.

I have also taught in the Elementary setting teaching resource to students who were labeled Specific Learning Disabled.

I have also taught Language Learning Disabled and Emotional Behavioral Disabled in self-contained settings. The students who attended these programs were bused to the school from their home schools to attend these programs.


 When I graduated from college I had a degree in Specific Learning Disabilities. I started teaching at Pompano Beach Elementary in Pompano Beach, Florida. I worked there for a total of 22 years. I have taught K-5th grade in both resource and self-contained models. After teaching Specific Learning Disabilities for 8 years, I decided I wanted a change and taught Language Learning Disabilities in a self-contained setting. I did this job for a year, until they moved the program to another school. It was then that I decided that I would like to add Emotional Behavioral Disabled (EBD) to my certification and taught (EBD) in the self-contained setting grades 3-5. I did this for 4 years until the principal asked me to change jobs. I moved out of the classroom and become an Exceptional Student Educational Specialist. I looked at this new adventure as another chance to grow professionally, but I miss working with the children on a daily basis and watching them learn.  As an Educational Specialist I over saw the Emotional Behavioral Disabled Cluster for the North Area in Broward County, Florida. Any student that could not be maintained at their home school was bussed to Pompano Beach Elementary, where we had 3 self-contained classes of students who needed more structure than their home schools could provide. Other responsibilities included working with the Behavior Specialist, Family Counselor, teachers and parents to identify students who needed interventions to be successful in the general education setting, or accommodations in the Special Education setting.

Once I moved to Douglasville, I taught 8th grade Interrelated in both co-taught for math and language arts and resource for reading, math, and language arts. After 3 years I became the Educational Evaluator at Yeager Middle School. I love this job. It is interesting to work with administration, staff members, students, and parents.

I am now working at Chapel Hill High School. I have now been involved in identifying students from three years old to those who are educated until their twenty second birthday. Over the years I have learned a wealth of knowledge about special education. In education changes never stop, so one continues to learn and grow in each new setting. I have been blessed to have worked in all the various settings.