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Reed Durbin Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
AP World History, United States History, World History


West Virginia University: Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Summa Cum Laude

State University of West Georgia: Master of Education, Secondary Education

Kennesaw State University: Education Specialist, Instructional Technology

National Board Certification for History, 2003-2013




Chapel Hill High School

Social Studies Teacher

AP World History, World History, US History



Tech High School (Atlanta based Charter School)

Social Studies/Language Arts & Lead Teacher



Chapel Hill High School

Social Studies Teacher



Douglas County High School

Social Studies Teacher  Department Chair



I came to education late in life as an honor graduate from West Virginia University in 1992. My time at the university brought me many changes and opportunities. While a senior I was nominated to the James Madison Foundation Fellowship and won for the state of West Virginia in 1992. As a result of this fellowship I made friends and ultimately finished my Masters degree; the Fellowship also made it possible for me to get my first teaching job at Douglas County High School in 1995. I taught there six years, then transferred to Chapel Hill for three years, then I helped start a charter school in Atlanta (Tech High), then was fortunate to make a return to Chapel Hill in 2006. I later worked, with three colleagues, to obtain National Board Certification in History. Recently, I completed my Specialist degree in Instructional Technology at Kennesaw State in 2015. I have been teaching for 22 years.

I have taught almost every subject within the social studies curriculum. However, I think of myself primarily as a history teacher and; as such, enjoy US and World history the most. I look forward to learning more and helping my students learn more about these fascinating topics.  I love my subject and try to build this love for my students. Realistically, I am also aware that most kids probably don't love history and won't really appreciate it until they've experienced it themselves.

I am passionate about many things and I share those with my students. Of course, I am passionate about my family. My wife and I will be married 37 years and still enjoy being together. I have ten grandchildren (okay, I know you're saying: how old is this guy?). Additionally, five of those kids -- ages 14 to 3 -- live with me so life is never boring. I am passionate about my hobbies: reading, cycling, camping, and art. I am passionate about teaching and learning: I believe you get out of a class about as much as you put in. This means that while I try hard to make class interesting and the work meaningful, it is primarily the students' job to do their best. If they do that simple objective, they will learn.  Finally, I am passionate about life. I am old enough to know the things that matter, to have had enough knocks to appreciate how good my life is, and a deep need to help others and to find joy in that interaction.

I look forward to working with each class in the coming year and hope we can make the experience meaningful, positive, and productive.