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Subjects Taught
AP United States History , United States History


As a native of Douglasville, I had the opportunity to graduate from Chapel Hill High School.  I went on to attend West Georgia, then Kennesaw State University to graduate with a B.S in History Education.  I graduated Kennesaw State University with a 3.13 GPA in May of 2010. I recently completed my Masters degree with a concentration in teacher leadership.  


      My name is David Gantt and I am beginning my sixth year at CHHS.  I am a native to Douglas County and attended Arbor Station, Chapel Hill Middle, and Chapel Hill High School.  Douglasville has been the home to my family for many years, and I am very proud to represent the school that provided me with a degree.  

     History has always been a passion of mine, one that was aided by the joy history brought my father.  His passion for history was passed to me and has continued with my chosen career.  I am also an avid sports fan, which I also have brought with me to CHHS.