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Pay It Forward

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The Chapel Hill Pay it Forward Program

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Teaching and learning positive character traits should be intertwined in all that we do at Chapel Hill High School.  That is why we are teachers of students before we are teachers of a particular subject matter.  We also believe that our school is part of the social fabric of Douglas County and it is our hope that what we do has a lasting impact on our community.  The Pay it Forward Character Education effort at Chapel Hill High has been designed with these thoughts in mind.


The Pay it Forward program at Chapel Hill is not a club, a group, or an organization, but simply an IDEA – an idea to make us mindful of the positive impact our actions can have on others.  The benefits derived from acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, and selflessness demonstrated through this program can be exponential and can transform both our school and community if enough of us pledge to “pay it forward.”


Over 400 students pledged to “pay it forward” in the Spring of 2007, but that was just the beginning.  We want and NEED you to do so as well.  If you would like to make that pledge, simply fill out a pledge card and return it to the office.  Also, remember that ONE person has the power to make a difference.  Do your best this year to think about your behavior and try to create opportunities that will help others so that we can make our school and community a better place.  Stay tuned for more information on how you can make a difference and teach others to believe in the POWER OF ONE!!!